Master Tung’s Gynecology (Fu Ke) Acupuncture Point

This two-point unit is located on the ulnar aspect of the proximal segment of the dorsal side of the thumb. This acupuncture point is very effective to treat almost any kind of gynecological disease including irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, amenorrhea, endometriosis, fallopian tube blockage, uterine pain or fibroids, frequent miscarriage and infertility.
This point is needled on one hand and often coupled with a different point on the opposite hand called Return to Nest (Nest being a reference to the uterus). The first time Fu Ke will be needled on the left and Return to Nest on the Right. The next time, Fu Ke will be needled on the right and Return to Nest on the left. Continue alternating the points with each treatment.

Depending on the condition being treated, additional points may be needled. For example, adding ST44 and SP6 – meridian acupuncture points, will alleviate menstrual cramps. Adding another Master Tung point on the second toe – Mu Fu – can be an effective way to open blocked fallopian tubes.
I always add the Fu Ke points to a treatment plan when a woman seeks acupuncture treatment for infertility. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), infertility is divided into five types – Kidney deficiency, Qi and Blood deficiency, Liver Qi stagnation, Blood stagnation or phlegm dampness. An infertility patient will commonly present with a combination of patterns. All of them respond well to herbal and acupuncture therapy. Based on pattern differentiation, acupuncture points to address the underlying cause of the infertility are added to the Fu Ke protocol.
About the Author
Joyce Marley is a NYS licensed acupuncturist and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She incorporates many of Master Tung’s acupuncture points in her treatments.

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