The Magic Points of Master Tung

If I had to pick one event in the last six years that had the most impact on my career as an acupuncturist, I would have to say that it was in 2003 when I listened to a taped lecture by Susan Johnson on Master Tung’s Top Ten Points.
At the time, my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) had focused on the 365 points of the Fourteen Meridian System, a system that has been standardized in the People’s Republic of China. This is the system that is most often taught in the acupuncture schools of the U.S. It is the system upon which the national (NCCAOM) acupuncture board exam is based.

Master Tung’s system of acupuncture evolved in Taiwan. Just when I thought I had mastered all the points I needed to know, here was another system with several hundred more unique points! Some of his points are located on the meridians. Some are located between meridians. And for some of the traditional points, Master Tung had documented some completely new indications.
It was Susan’s enthusiasm and willingness to share her twenty plus years of experience with Master Tung’s points that captured my attention. Two weeks after listening to her lecture, I was in California attending one of her seminars. I just had to learn more!
Since that time, I have also studied Master Tung’s points with Dr. Palden Carson in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Carson is one if the few original disciples of Master Tung alive today. I have attended Dr. Richard Tan’s seminar on Master Tung’s points in conjunction with his Balance Method. I have purchased every book available on Master Tung as soon as it is published in English. I continue to attend seminars whenever I can. Because I see such amazing results with these points, I want to learn as much as I can from those who are willing to share their knowledge.
Here you can still get the audio lecture cassettes that first inspired me by Susan Johnson on Master Tung’s points. Her recent lecture on Master Tung’s points are available on cd. If you are an acupuncturist or a student of acupuncture, listening to her tapes will be the first step in the best investment you can make in your future practice. Other websites that may be helpful to you are,, and
About the Author
Joyce Marley is a NYS licensed acupuncturist and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She incorporates many of Master Tung’s acupuncture points in her treatments.

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