NAET: Allergies and Autism in Children

The rise in the incidence of autism is meteoric, and the results are devastating not only to the families whose children are affected, but also to their teachers and society in general. Western medicine still has no answer to the question of what causes autism in children or how to address the symptoms. So, when I learned of the promising results that Dr. Devi Nambudripad is having treating autistic children with her NAET allergy protocol, I felt compelled to pass that information along.

Dr. Nambudripad discovered NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) in 1983. NAET blends elements from several medical disciplines including Western medicine, chiropractic, kinesiology, nutrition and a strong emphasis on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including meridian theory and acupressure. Based on the testimonials given by parents, teachers and physicians of autistic children whose symptoms either improved or disappeared completely with NAET treatments, I think Dr. Nambudripad may be the angel that autism has been looking for.

With more than two decades of NAET work as an allergist, Dr. Nambudripad began to see a huge correlation between allergies and autism. She believes that autism is actually a nutritional deficiency caused by poor digestion and absorption of essential nutrients due to allergies. Without these essential nutrients the brain and nervous system do not develop properly. Toxins from allergens cause swelling that affects brain tissue and the cranial nerves responsible for the proper functioning of the five senses. This explains the inability of autistic people to see, smell, hear, think or talk normally.

According to NAET theory, when a substance is brought into the electromagnetic field of a person, there is either an attraction or repulsion that takes place between the energy of that person and the substance. If there is an attraction, the person can benefit from the substance. If there is a repulsion, there will be an adverse energetic reaction in the person’s magnetic field, hence an allergic reaction. With Dr. Nambudripad’s training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she was able to see how this would cause blockages in the energetic pathways of the body (meridians) that have been mapped out by Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. She devotes an entire chapter in her book, “Say Goodbye to Allergy-Related Autism with NAET”, to the pathological changes that can occur in each of the twelve acupuncture meridians when there is an energy blockage. An understanding of Chinese Medicine and the acupuncture meridians is helpful in understanding how NAET works.
There are three steps to an NAET treatment. First, isolate the offending allergen using Neuro Muscular Sensitivity Testing (NST). Secondly, use mild acupressure on specific acupuncture points on specific acupuncture meridians. And lastly, completely avoid the treated allergen for 25 hours after the treatment. Retest the sensitivity to the allergen. Usually, it takes only one treatment to eliminate the allergy towards one allergen. Unfortunately, you can only treat one at a time, and severely autistic children may have dozens, if not over 100 allergies.
Her book discusses 65 categories of allergens. Many are quite familiar – foods such as eggs, wheat, corn, and nuts, for example. But she includes immunizations, drugs, pesticides, heavy metals, and even people in the possible list of offending agents.

NAET is a drug-free, non-invasive technique to treat allergies for all ages. When treatment is started at an early age or as soon as problems are discovered, results are seen quicker and sometimes there can be a complete resolution of the symptoms. Her book, “Say Goodbye to Allergy-Related Autism with NAET” should be read by all parents, teachers and medical professionals whose lives have been touched by the challenges of working with autistic children.

About the Author:
Joyce Marley is a licensed acupuncturist who provides acupuncture therapy in New Hartford, NY. She writes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health articles about acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

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