How to Calm Down When Feeling Overwhelmed

feelingoverwhelmed.jpg Life is full of stressful situations. To varying degrees, we all have some level of fear and anxiety. Maybe it’s a stressful job or maybe a more specific deep seated fear like fear of flying, fear of the dentist or even fear of failure. For me, it is definitely a fear of public speaking that will fray my nerves. I was first introduced to a product called Rescue Remedy when I was in acupuncture school. Several students were putting a few drops under their tongue right before final exams. They said that it was an amazing way to calm yourself if you were a person who suffered from test anxiety.

I never really had a problem with test anxiety as long as I knew I had studied sufficiently. But tell me I had to give a talk in front of an audience and I would feel total panic. I decided to try this product a few years ago when the local news asked me to do a live television interview. After a few drops, I felt a calm come over me, and just a subtle feeling that I could do this. I was amazed! (You can actually see this interview on my site under the “in the news” tab.)

Rescue Remedy is a Bach Flower combination, formulated by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s. Dr. Bach was an English homeopathic physician who believed that all disease was a result of a negative emotional state. He researched the energetic properties of 38 different flowers and found that each flower had a particular energy wavelength that would resonate with and balance a corresponding frequency in the human energy field. Dr. Bach discovered that the essence of each flower could restore harmony to a specific negative state of mind. Fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, worry, impatience – all are a result of a distortion of energy in the human energy field.

There are five flower essences in the Rescue Remedy formula. Star of Bethlehem addresses trauma and numbness. Rock Rose is for terror and panic. Impatiens is for irritability and tension. Cherry Plum is for fear of losing control. Clematis is for the tendency to pass out – that sensation of being far away that often precedes unconsciousness. Rescue Remedy prevents the disintegration of the human energy system when it is assaulted in a situation that is perceived to be traumatic. It is perfect to have on hand at the scene of an accident, when there are dreaded impending events – court dates, dentist appointments, job interviews, or for those who live or work in an atmosphere of constant stress.

Does Rescue Remedy work? It has for me, for many of my patients and even family pets who get a little panicky during a storm. I think it remains one of the best time tested natural remedies for anxiety on the market today. Acupuncture has been beneficial for many of my patients not only to handle stress in their everyday lives but to address health issues that have resulted from chronic stress – neck tension, migraines, digestive issues. But it is still nice to have an instant natural fix for unexpected traumatic situations.

About the Author: Joyce Marley is a licensed acupuncturist who provides acupuncture therapy in New Hartford, NY. She writes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health articles about acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

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