Acupuncture Point Xiaojie for Ankle Pain

Master Tung passed away in 1975 leaving behind only one book documenting his acupuncture points. Today there are only three direct disciples of Master Tung living in the US. Dr. Wei-Chieh Young is one of them. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Young for sharing his experience with Master Tung’s points via his lectures, seminars and recently published books.

Xiaojie is a point that Dr. Young discovered based on Master Tung’s holographic imaging of the body and contralateral needling technique. This point is located at the base of the ball of the thumb and needled for an inch and a half thru the thenar eminance of the palm. This acupuncture point alone is amazingly effective for sprained or strained ankle and I have had occasion to use it several times in my clinic.

Once inserted on the side of the body opposite to the sprain, the needle is rotated while the patient moves the affected ankle for ten minutes. Then the needle is retained for 30 to 45 minutes. Usually significant relief is achieved in one or two treatments!
For those acupuncture students or practitioners interested in Dr. Young’s books, they can be purchased at his website –
About the Author
Joyce Marley is a NYS licensed acupuncturist and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She incorporates many of Master Tung’s acupuncture points in her treatments.

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