Master Tung Five Tiger Points For Finger and Toe Pain

There are many Master Tung points that I personally have found to be more effective than traditional meridian acupuncture points and Wu Hu (Five Tigers) is in that category. Wu Hu is a set of five acupuncture points located on the radial aspect of the proximal segment of the thumb on the border of the red and white skin. The points are numbered sequentially, one thru five, with Wu Hu 1 being the most distal point and Wu Hu 5 the most proximal.

Wu Hu 1 is selected for finger pain, palmer pain and tenosynovitis. Wu Hu 3 is selected for toe pain. Wu Hu 2 is added to strengthen the effect of Wu Hu 1 or 3. Wu Hu 4 is needled for instep or dorsal foot pain and Wu Hu 5 is very effective for heel pain (in combination with points on the heel of the palm and PC 7 on the pericardium meridian). As with most Master Tung points used to treat painful conditions, points are needled contralaterally to the pain and the patient is asked to move the affected part of the body while the needles are stimulated.

Yesterday a patient dropped a door on his big toe while doing some home improvements. Though he had been coming to see me for neck pain, Wu Hu 2 and 3 were my first choice to relieve the throbbing pain in the toe before we continued with the treatment for the neck.

I have used Wu Hu 1 and 2 for a patient with Dupuytren’s contracture and within seconds the patient was able to fully extend the fingers as the whole palm relaxed. We were both amazed at the instant change.
I also used Wu Hu 1 and 2 for a gentleman who had had a stroke. The stroke had left the entire left side of his body very weak. When he came to see me, his main complaint was spasms in the fingers of his RIGHT hand, which he relied upon to navigate with his cane. After two treatments with the Five Tiger points, he had significant improvement for seven weeks! Unfortunately, he had other health issues that prevented him from resuming treatments.

I have recently learned that Dr. Robert Chu, another Master Tung experienced practitioner, has documented a similar set of points on the big toe, calling those points “Foot Five Tiger”. The indications for the Foot Five Tiger points mirror those of the Master Tung hand points. You can read more about these points on
So, although these points are outstanding for acute sports injuries, I have used them for chronic conditions as well.

About the Author
Joyce Marley is a NYS licensed acupuncturist and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She incorporates many of Master Tung’s acupuncture points in her treatments.

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