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Debbie – Deerfield, NY
For 2 years prior to the onset of Meniere’s in January 2004, I experienced decreased hearing and increased ringing and pressure in my right ear diagnosed as cochlear nerve damage, or a build up of inner ear fluid. I was able to continue work and function normally until January 2004 when things started spinning and whirling uncontrollably and unpredictably. I was literally debilitated for several months. Just when I started recouping from a severe attack that lasted days from room spinning dizziness, tremendous pressure in the head and affected ear, hearing loss, loud ringing, muscle tension, difficulty breathing, pulsating sensation, sensitivity to noise and light, and severe & excessive vomiting (to the point of cracking a rib), another attack would clobber me. The attacks wiped me out completely – emotionally, mentally and physically.

After endless doctor appointments, medicines, an emergency room visit, tests, change of diet, vestibular therapy, ear injections, monitors, chiropractor treatments, and massages, it was recommended I try acupuncture. I wish I had sought acupuncture sooner rather than suffer those 5 months of torture but am glad I finally acquiesced. And, I am happy my brother recommended Joyce who provides extra special care, attention, and atmosphere.
Upon learning that Meniere’s is almost always idiopathic, meaning that there is no specific cause, and, at this time, no cure, acupuncture seemed a logical choice.
Acupuncture helped relieve the muscle tension in the body, and reduce those additional uncomfortable symptoms as well as maintains hearing loss to a minimal. In addition to Meniere’s, other factors developed at the same time that was determined to be contributing to my attacks; namely, change of life, stress, acid reflux, seasonal and environmental allergies, and migraine headaches. All or nothing! In conjunction with medications and diet, acupuncture has kept all these negative forces under control. Since my acupuncture treatments, however, I have been able to eliminate supplements, eliminate and cut back on some medications and reduce or eliminate other treatments.
Given the nature of Meniere’s disease, I periodically experience attacks but, to a much lesser degree and recoup much faster. Acupuncture with Joyce has been and continues to be a pleasant experience that helps to relieve stress and puts me in a deep relaxed mood. It helps balance my mind and body and helps me manage all those factors working against me in order to stay positive and active – active enough to pursue and achieve my 3rd degree black belt in martial arts. Now that requires balance!

About the Author:
Joyce Marley is a licensed acupuncturist with a practice in New Hartford, NY. She writes alternative health articles about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine.

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