Plum Blossom Treatment For Depression

Here is a treatment that I learned from Bob Flaws, author of “Curing Depression Naturally”, that I often incorporate into a treatment plan for my patients suffering from depression. I do this in my office, but it is also something that can be taught to a partner and done at home. It is done with an instrument called a plum blossom, or seven star hammer. This is an inexpensive plastic tool with seven small needles embedded on the head. The hammer is used to stimulate specific acupuncture points that are known to have a beneficial effect to move stagnant energy in the body or to calm the mind.

The needles do not actually penetrate the body. Usually the skin is tapped over the acupuncture point until it is flushed red and the patient feels warmth in the area. Only if the patient has signs of heat in the body (red tongue, red eyes, red face, severe headache or extreme irritability) do I continue to tap over specific points until they bleed a little.

First, disinfect all areas of the body to be treated. Start by lightly tapping the back of the neck along the center of the spine and on the BL channel on either side of the spine. Tapping this area will stimulate DU14, which will clear heat from the body and clear the mind. Tap from GB21 to GB 20 to relieve neck and shoulder tension. Next, tap all over the sacral area. Tap Ren 17 lightly in the center of the sternum to open the chest. Tap the side of the body at SP21. SP21 is a major connecting point of energy channels in the body and will open the entire thoracic region. Tap PC6, HT7 and SP6 in that order. All of these points are known to calm the mind, relieve anxiety and help with insomnia. Then tap LI4 on the right for women and on the left for men. Tap LV3 on the left for women and the right for men. These two points, usually used bilaterally, are known as the “four gates” of the body and have a powerful effect of moving stagnant energy in the body. They also have a profound calming effect on the mind.

If any of the areas show any slight bleeding, wipe with an alcohol swab and pat dry with a clean cottonball.

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