I am Having a Baby! – Patient Testimonial

Miranda – Waterville, NY – January 2007
Infertility plagued my life at a young age. My husband and I had started trying to conceive shortly after our wedding in May of 2004. By May of 2005 we knew something just was not right. We were both in our “prime” as western medicine practitioners called it. We sought help from several local ob/gyn’s and were told that we were too young to worry about it. After much pushing we found an Ob/gyn who was willing to at least do a work-up for us. She did all the normal tests including labs, semen analysis, and HSG testing. All of which came back “normal”. So now by December of 2005 we had a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. Great so now what? It was at this point that we started considering another avenue of medicine. Acupuncture was the only other logical thing to try. So in February of 2006 I contacted Joyce and made my first appointment with her.

After everything I had been through with my doctor meeting Joyce should have been a breeze but I was scared, nervous, and apprehensive as to whether or not she would be able to help us. At our first meeting Joyce sat with me and gathered information about my history and my present situation as well as some information about the results of my western medicine tests. At that time Joyce explained to me that she really thought she could help us and asked if I was willing to stop trying to conceive for the next 3 months while we worked together. What did I have to loose? It had already been more than 2 years. What was another 3 months right?
I started my acupuncture therapy with Joyce the following week. Every time I walked through the door she was there greeting me with a smile and asking about my day. Truly caring about how things were in my life. Much different than I was used to with my doctor. My sessions focused not only on my infertility but balancing other things in my life like stress and abnormal bowels.
I saw Joyce for 1 month when we discussed trying herbal infertility therapy. I figured why not everything else Joyce was doing for me was working. I felt great, I was relaxed, my bowels were normal. So at the start of my next period we started with the herbal formulas. Joyce did not want us to stop having intercourse but asked us not to pursue pregnancy while I was taking it. So that is precisely what we did. I had a hard time taking the pills especially because there were so many to take in one day but I pressed on taking my herbs and seeing Joyce for acupuncture once a week. I am happy to report that on May 22nd we found out we were pregnant. So after 1 month of acupuncture therapy and 1 month of herbal supplements coupled with my acupuncture, Joyce helped make our dreams come true. I am expecting a baby boy in 1 week. I have many thanks to give to Joyce for everything she has done for me! I would highly recommend this therapy to any couple experiencing infertility. Either explainable or unexplainable, Joyce and acupuncture can help.

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